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  • Oeko-tex certified fleece fabric

  • Fabric pockets to hide food or sweets in

  • Wash at 60 degrees, hang dry

  • Gives the dog brain exercise

  • Nose work makes the dog more stimulated

  • De-stressing

  • Also used as a reward 

Do you have a stressed dog?

Many dogs pull on the leash on walks due to stress. Stress can be due to several reasons. One of them may be that the dog has a feeling of being strangled. If you use a collar for your dog and if you
  experience that the dog is stressed on your walks, we recommend that you try our Extension. If the stress is only due to a feeling of suffocation, you will get a result immediately. Other causes of stress can be pain, fear, overstimulation, etc. A very common cause of stress is understimulation. Your dog simply gets too little stimulation and activation.


What exactly is understimulation? The dogs' origin from the wolf means that the dog still has certain needs left from the time they were wolves. Wolves cooperate in the herd, which is important for survival. All food is given to the wolf through work, the hunt. To complete the task with the hunt, the wolf needs to use his nose to track down the prey, the knowledge to catch the prey, and so on. This causes the wolf to use his brain in a way that dogs also need to do. Even though dogs are domestic pets with us, they have a brain that needs stimulation. If I do not give my dog this, it can be expressed in problem behaviors.

Symptoms of understimulation

Understimulation most often manifests itself in excessive breed-typical behaviors. This means that what the dog does best, the dog does often and intensely to get stimulated. If, for example, you have a dog with guard characteristics, understimulation usually manifests itself through excessive guarding. The dog can start guarding "ordinary" things which then move on to pretty much anything. Common behaviors are excessive barking, hunting, guarding, biting and chewing. Understimulation can in turn also lead to the dog having more problems even though the cause is actually understimulation, for example being left alone, aggressions against other dogs, children, adults, etc.

Do not hesitate to seek professional help from a dog psychologist if you are not able to cope with the problems yourself.

How to stimulate the dog's brain?

Giving the dog brain stimulation is much easier than you might think. No scientific essays are needed for that. The basis is to allow the dog to use his best and greatest sense and develop it - the sense of smell. The dog's snout can smell that we humans can not even perceive. For example, give the dog food out in the woods, hide it and let the dog search for it. Hide food in a room, in a box, in a toilet roll, etc. All forms of searching and using the nose are stimulants for your dog. If your dog is not interested in searching, then you need to increase motivation by hiding better tasting food. All dogs can track and search, it is in their nature.

Dog Porträtt

Sveriges Hundföretagare,, has trained and certified dog psychologists as members. They are well qualified and can give you the help you need.

VGWBelt Activation toys

There are an incredible number of activation toys on the market to choose from. We have chosen to make our activation toys in soft fleece so that the dog can learn to use a softer bite. Retrieval breeds need to have a big game in their bite, from soft to hard. Should the dog bite a hole in the fabric, it will only be a hole, the fleece fabric is not destroyed in the seam or similar as other fabrics do. This fabric is also good because the toy can be kept fresh for a long time by machine washing it at 40 degrees. Let it hang for about 1 hour and it is ready to use again. You can see in our movie below how the dog Morris works hard to get his reward deep in the toy's pockets.

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