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  • Anatomically designed, spares the puppy's back and joints

  • Free from pressure of the neck

  • The puppy will be able to use its natural gait pattern

  • The leash provides soothing signals, thanks to its design

  • Does not strain the growing muscles and joints

  • The design is based on positive training methods

  • High quality material

  • Free from nickel

  • A Swedish certified dog psychologist behind the design

  • Tested by veterinarians, dog instructors, dog therapists and dog owners

Give the puppy a good start with Beginner

Many puppy owners contacted VGWBälte and asked for a less expensive alternative to Extension. Since our goal is to be responsive to customers' wishes, we began to think about how we could make an alternative to Extension without lowering the quality or minimizing the function. Beginner was tested by several puppy owners and pretty soon we could start launching Beginner as a finished product.

How does Beginner work?

Beginner helps to reduce the stress for your dog because it is anatomically designed. Just like Extension, Beginner has straps that follow the puppy's natural movements. The fact that the attachment of the leash is in front of the shoulder, this prevents it from giving the puppy a signal that means that the puppy should pull. The puppy can therefore also move freely in Beginner, which gives joints and muscles the opportunity to grow as they should. Since it is important that the puppy is allowed to move in forest terrain when the puppy grows, Beginner has straps that are water-repellent. Beginner has the same function as Extension, with anatomically correct structure with the leash attached to the front of the shoulder.

Can adult dogs use Beginner?

If your dog pulls on the leash on walks and if you have tried "everything". Maybe you are unsure if the anti-drag function in Extension acctually works on your dog? If so, this is an affordable option for try it on your adult dog. Many dog owners have contacted us and thanked us for a fantastic product as it has reduced the stress in the dog and the pulling has thus decreased.

Beginner is a simpler and in a lower price range compared to Extension but with the same quality of straps, buckles and nickel-free rings. Beginners, however, do not have the same advantage that it can be easily built on with accessories. They are launched in the colors pink, light blue, black, orange, neon pink and neon green. Available in sizes 1 (XXS - XS), 2 (S - M), 3 (L - XL) and 4 (XXL - XXXL).

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