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  • Anatomically designed, spares the dog's muscles and joints

  • The leash provides soothing signals, thanks to its design

  • Movable straps

  • Doesn´t get stuck in cramped or narrow environments

  • The design is based on positive training methods

  • High quality material

  • Free from nickel

  • A Swedish certified dog psychologist behind the design

  • Developed with the help of expertise in Nosework

  • Available in different colors

  • Nine different sizes, all with great adjustability

Free movements during work

The Excellent is the harness for working dogs. Whether it is on the run, when you ride a bike, train Rally Obedience or Nosework as you use it, your dog has a harness that you know works for your purpose..

The Excellent has an anatomical design where you can choose whether you want the leash on the front of the shoulder or on the back. With open angles, Excellent gives your dog free movements that make the harness work together with your dog. Soft cushions on the front of the shoulder help to de-stress the dog. The design also means that the dog does not risk getting stuck in cramped  or narrow spaces. Perfect for Nosework!

Excellent is available in several colors. The material is made of polyester, which makes it incredibly durable. Available in all sizes. Measure your dog around the chest to get the right size.

Machine wash at 40 degrees or hand wash. Do not tumble dry.

Anatomically designed for your dog

Material of the highest quality


Not recommended for dogs that usually pull on the leash! Instead, use our Extension that helps you and your dog in training.

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