• Anatomically designed, spares the dog's muscles and joints

  • Free from pressure of the neck

  • The dog will be able to use its natural gait pattern

  • The leash provides soothing signals, thanks to its design

  • Movable straps

  • Best of winners at Djurlandet.nu 2019

  • Spares the dog owner's back and shoulders

  • The design is based on positive training methods

  • High quality material

  • Nickel-free rings

  • A Swedish certified dog psychologist behind the design 

  • Tested by veterinarians, dog instructors, dog therapists and dog owners

“With my knowledge and experience of  dog's behavior and the dog's anatomy as a basis for design, it was undoubtedly an easy thing to create this multi functional dog harness. Extension is so much more than just a harness for dogs that pull when using a leash" - Lena Lundby, certified dog psychologist and designer.


Extension is the harness that has become a big seller among dog owners

Extension is the harness that has been designed taken from positive training methods, the dog's movement pattern, the cause of stress and the dog's anatomy. The harness gives the dog free airways and both muscles and joints are not negatively affected. Extension has a V-formation around the large muscle groups where all straps are in motion with the help of rings. This means that the straps follow the dog's movements instead of stopping or preventing the dog and the dog's natural movements. This has shown to have a hugh positive effect on dogs that easily get stressed before and while walking. Many customers have reached out and thanked us for a fantastic product and have told us their stories about how they now experience walking totally different than before, and how Extension have made their life easier.

And now, even dogs that do not usually pull on a leash have started using Extension by their owners. Simply because the design spares the dogs from unnecessary strain on the dog's muscles and joints.

Saga och Jossan

On the way out for a nice run on Öland's east side.
This Golden Retriever, Saga, weares a red Extension. And by her side, her friend Josefin, who wears a red waist belt, Human Pro. The leash is called Leash Adjustable and is a VGWBelt semi-elastic.

Material of the highest quality


The straps are made of Oeko-Tex certified polyester, which is a friendly but durable material that is used, among other things, in the manufacture of safety equipment in, for example, the construction industry and for climbing equipment. The colored straps are a little softer than the black ones and are therefore recommended for dogs with thinner fur. The polyester strap can break up to two thirds and still stick together due to the way the fabric is woven. It does not tear even if it has been torn just a little. 

The metal rings, which are all nickel-free, are supplied by Forshedaverken AB in Sweden. The rings have a zinc coating, so that dogs with nickel allergy should not suffer from itching or discomfort. Locks and three-sliders supplied by Texrep AB are made by the ITW brand. These are world-leading and are used in safety equipment. The nylon in the plastic parts can withstand extreme temperatures and temperature fluctuations.

The lining around the belly is made of techmapolar. It is water resistant and keeps rain and water away from the dog's belly. Materials such as branches and other things from the nature do not stick to the fabric. The cushions on the front of the shoulder consist of microfiber and emit no heat during friction.

The Extension is ment to be comfortable


The buckle is fastened on the dog's back. The setting of the buckle starts at the front at the Y-formation. The ring should sit where the neck ends and the shoulder blade begins. The neck should be free from impact. Adjust the straps that go over the shoulder to the ring and the strap that goes between the front legs to the belly strap. Lastly, adjust the belly strap. An open hand should be able to easily get under the buckle. Two fingers should be able to easily move under all straps. Remember that the straps should not be tight. Large dogs, such as Rottweilers, Amstaffs etc. can feel discomfort and frustration if the harness is too tight. This reduces the function of the belt. The dog should feel free!

Once this is set, you can start walking the dog. Make sure that the ring in front does not pass the biceps when stopping or when the dog is lying on the leash.

The leash is always attached to the front ring, at the top of the ring between the cushions. The hook is attached from the bottom up, so that the opening of the hook is facing upwards. If you fasten the harness with the opening inwards, there is a risk of wear occurring.

Dogs that pull a lot on a leash have a tendency to be skewed in their muscles. But with the help of Extension, this eliminates when the dog owner alternates with having the leash on the right and left side of the dog's neck. The dog can still walk on the left side even if the leash is on the left side of its neck. It is also possible to pull the leash through the ring on the back before attaching it to the front. If so, the leash is in place and the dog can not change the position of the leash with movement of its head. The leashes are always attached to the front of the ring, never to the rings on the back.


The pretty golden, Saga, can now continue to be happy outdoors in the nature! Thanks to the extension of the dog harness, the human friend has no problem at all holding her back. So amazing!

Measure the circumference around the dog's chest, from the deepest point, behind the front legs.

The accessories that give more functions to the Extension


There is a sewn loop on the belly strap. This loop is for, among other things, tracking, and other accessories that are in our range of products. If the leash is attached to one of the rings on the back, the belt will slide up towards the neck and give an unpleasant pressure. When the right accessories are available for Extension, you never have to worry about the function being lost, which is the risk if products other than ours are put on. Extension is available in six different colors; black, red, blue, orange, neon pink and neon green. The different neon colors are fluorescent, which means that they absorb light. They are more clearly visible when it´s shady outside or in the dark than the usual colors are.