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  • Three options for attaching the leash, one at the right side, one at the left and one at the back.

  • Durable straps in polyester

  • Welded and nickel-free rings from Forsheda

  • ITW - buckle for best quality

  • Simple design

  • Perfect for exercise activities

  • Gives you free hands 

  • Relieves your back, shoulders and arms

Do you exercise and run with your dog?

The design


At the table where the magic for the creation of our products is performed, there was a purpose to create a waist belt that would have the best quality and function with several rings to attach the leash to. Joggers and other athlets want to be able to connect their dog next to their side and sometimes even on the back of the belt because this means that the leash won´t interfere when you run. The market has a large selection of waist belts, so we decided to make a more simple belt to a lower price but still have the same good quality as the rest of the VGWBelt products.

Relieves your back and shoulders


Human Pro is also recommended for those who need to relieve their back, shoulders and arms. Since you can connect the dog on both the right and left side, it is also perfect for walks where you need to have your hands free. Together with our semi-elastic Leash and our dog belts, you get a much more comfortable walk.



In 2019, VGWBälte sponsored two Dogathlon competitions with both prizes and the purchase of obstacles. VGWBälte's policy is to advocate activities that aim at good dog keeping where the dog is stimulated both physically and mentally. Dogathlon is such an activity.



Johan and Järven in sponsored products; Human Pro, Leash adjustable and Pioneer, they pose on a VGWBelt's obstacle. Matfors Dogathlon 2019. Photograph by My Rosenholm.

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