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  • Semi-elastic leash

  • Eliminates hard twitches

  • Spares your arms, shoulders and back

  • High quality elastic cord

  • Polyester rope

  • A Swedish BGB hook with superb quality

  • Available in standard or adjustable design

Avoid hard twitches

Severe twitches on a leash can injure both you and your dog. Regardless of the size of the dog, repeated twitches can eventually hurt. With our semi-elastic Leash, you avoid this.

A braided leash

Sewing an elastic material to a material that is compact ultimately results in the seams breaking. To create a secure leash with high quality and which we know does not expand too much, we chose to braid rubber cords together with a polyester line. Although it is a craft that is more expensive, we now know from experience that our choice was exactly right. 

Two designs

Leash is available in a standard and an adjustable alternative. Leash Standard has a padded handle and is 150 cm long. Fully extended, it has a length of 180 cm.

Leash Adjustable has two hooks, one at each end, and three rings to set the length you want. The leash can be 150 cm, 110 cm or 80 cm long. We recommend that you use this leash together with your Human Pro.

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