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Lena Lundby is the author of all products within the VGWBelt brand. With her experience of dogs and training as a dog psychologist, she designed a dog harness in the spring of 2008 which is today called Extension. It became a great sensation in the dog world and since then the range has increased with more products for dogs and dog owners. The whole idea of ​​a completely new shape and design

of a harness came when Lena worked with dogs that had

problem behaviors. All of these behaviors were all too common

due to a great deal of stress in the dog.


Understimulation, misunderstandings, inconsistencies, etc.

All this created a stressed dog who invented a lot of his own

things to get satisfaction in life. The dog owner had great

problems keeping his dog out on the walks and for the most part,

the walks became conflict-filled, which in itself of course only

increased the stress of the dog. 

Lena worked only with positive methods and had for a long time

looked for a harness that was friendly to the dog but still

discouraged the dog from pulling on a leash. This did not exist.

Ordinary harnesses did not work because it only became even

more pulling on the leash of the stressed dog.

Chain leash was definitely not an option as the dog went even

more into stress due to the feeling of strangulation.

The risk of injury was also enormous with this type of leash. 

So when there was no product with these properties that Lena was looking for, she decided to make her own. After several weeks of studying the dog's musculoskeletal system, physical theories and laws, torn bags and jackets - the first prototype of Extension was finally born. Lena was the first with the idea of ​​connecting the dog to the chest and after it turned out to be one of the functions that reduced stress in dogs, many more copies have been produced by competitors. It is not only the ring at the front of the bow that gives the de-stressing effect, there are other functions, such as in interaction with the ring at the front that give the good effect.

After 2008, Extension has been reworked five times to get the best quality and the best features. Lena already decided during the development of Extension that the products in the VGW Belt range would only be in harmony with positive training methods, they would be economical with buildable products and maintain good health for both dogs and dog owners.

The range has been expanded and the work of designing new, smart and user-friendly products continues all the time. We are constantly working to develop and improve our existing products. 

The production of our range is today in the beautiful city of Kalmar. Our suppliers are all Swedish companies with Swedish quality certificates.

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