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  • Anatomically designed, spares the dog's back and joints

  • Free from pressure of the neck

  • The leash provides soothing signals, thanks to its design

  • The possibility to connect the harness on the front and back

  • Movable straps

  • Best of winners at 2019

  • The dog can work without the harness and straps interfering

  • The design is based on positive training methods

  • High quality material

  • Free from nickel

  • A Swedish certified dog psychologist behind the design

  • Tested by active dog trainers, dog owners and dog therapists

  • Recommended by dog trainers and hunters

The customer's wish for a ring on the back

Our harness Extension has become very popular among dog owners, but there have been hopes and wishes to get a ring on the back to be able to choose when you want to connect in the front or back. Our designer had seen how harnesses press against the dog's neck when a ring is easily attached to the back.
The Tracking accessory was launched after being thoroughly tested so that the Extension would not twist and press against the dog's legs and neck. But Tracking was quite difficult to put on the dog when a ring at the back was needed. We were contacted by active hunters who explained the problems that arose in different situations and expressed a wish for a harness that was there for both tracking / searching and anti-pull.


Pioneer follows the dog's natural movements

The materials in Pioneer

The challenge in the design of Pioneer was to develop a harness that didn´t disturb the dog in its tracking. This meant that several tests were done before our designer found the right angles and rings. In the video below you can see how the harness is not moving against the body and

doesn´t give any pressure to the neck or legs even though the dog is focused in the track. You can also see the dog backing up, turns right and left but without the track line getting stuck or stopping the dog.

Just like in all other products in the VGWBelt range, we have chosen to use polyester straps. Unfortunately, it gives a limitation of colors but is the strongest strap on the market. The durable straps and also our locks are used in, among other things, safety harnesses for active people. The rings are completely nickel-free so that the dog does not get allergic reactions.

Mät runt hundens bröstkorg på det djupas

Pioneer is not just a track harness

Pioneer has several areas it can be used in. Thanks to its smart design, it is perfect to use when you are swimming, cycling or running with the dog. It is also very popular with dog owners who train Nose Work and Rally Obedience.

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